Techni Waterjet

We are equipped with a Techni i612 abrasive waterjet. The cutting head is fitted with Techni’s PAC 55 which virtually eliminates taper and is capable of producing parts with a true angle up to 55°. This setup allows us to achieve a tolerance of plus/minus 0.005 for most parts.

The abrasive waterjet uses a unique process which can cut virtually any flat material. The waterjet pressurizes water to 50,000 psi. An abrasive garnet is then added to the .030″ water stream through a mixing tube. The cutting head is mounted to a computer controlled gantry. This allows precision cutting of complex designs from materials up to 6″ thick. With this process there is no warping or stressing of the material being cut. This process also eliminates heat affected zones (HAZ) from the material being cut.


• Exclusive angled cutting available, up to 55° angle.

• Compensation setting eliminates taper.

• Plates up to 6″ thick

• Sheets up to 6′ x 12′

• Our material or yours

• Stainless steel, Bronze, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Iron